Savory Masala with Papadums

Savory and spicy with added crunch and a whisper of sweetness. Pleasing to nearly every palette, our original savory varietal is bold yet balanced and brilliant in color and taste. Enjoy this perennial favorite as a snack, side, appetizer or, when paired with a handful of nuts, meal-on-the-go. Especially tasty with your favorite IPA.
Nutritional information 



Tamarind Sesame with Papadums

Spicy, sweet, tangy and extra crunchy. This sweet-spicy flavor stars the tamarind, a tree fruit known for its sweet yet tart flavor used in Indian cooking and other cuisines around the world. Toasted black sesame seeds, papadums (Indian lentil chips) and a zesty blend of Indian spices round out the strong supporting cast. Enjoy it as a special snack, dessert or party fare. Delicious paired with light to medium-bodied red wines such as Oregon’s pinot noir. Nutritional information 


Chai Masala with Assam Tea

Sweet and lively with a smooth finish—savasana for your taste     buds. This sweet flavor is infused with black Assam tea and chai spices. Less spicy tasting than our Tamarind Sesame but equally scrumptious as dessert, party fare or a snack. Try it post-yoga with a cup of hot tea. Nutritional information